Since graduation I have been employed as a technician in a diverse research environment. I have been exposed to a number of projects and gained experience in both the field and laboratory research. Topics of study range from population dynamics, sexual selection, camouflage, cognition and social behavior. Primarily, my contributions have been in image analysis, automation, instrumentation development, data visualization, statistical analysis, scientific publication and grant writing. As research in all disciplines become more and more data rich and computationally demanding, I have tried to develop strong programming and analytical skills as well as familiarity with available electronics (sensor, micro controllers, etc.) to take advantage of state of the art approaches that have broad applicability to research, data gathering and interpretation. For more, see: ianetheredge.com and github.com/robertian


The University of Texas at Austin, B.S. Biology 2010


2013-Present: University of Texas - IB: Research Engineering Scientist Technician

Primary Duties:

Developed and manufactured an underwater imaging and sensor system for measuring marine species behavior in relation to the local light environment. This involved electronics construction programming and integration robust to remote marine deployment. In addition to the hardware components, I also developed approaches to visualize and analyze data produced by this system. The result was a highly scalable system for capturing 3D reconstructions as well as individual and group behaviors precisely referenced to local environment for use in a broad range of biological questions and research interests.

Designed customized large-scale behavioral testing systems capable of fully automated, large-scale behavioral experiments including automated scheduling, experiment execution, data recording and analysis. The result was a highly scalable and remotely operable system enabling a larger range of behavioral testing and analyses.

Oversaw a broad range of data analysis and visualization projects which included both statistical analyses and design for scientific publications as well as animations, illustrations and infographics for public outreach and popular press.


Provided support and technical guidance for a broad range of experiments in the lab, including: 3D animation and presentation, automated video tracking approaches and general technical support. I recruited and mentored many volunteers and employees; managed project administrative duties, including budgeting, procurement and accounting; ensured compliance with institutional and governmental guidelines; coordinated field expeditions and symposia; published peer-reviewed research articles, scientific illustrations, and outreach materials; and developed medium-scale ($500k-$3m) federal and private grants.

2011-2013: University of Texas - iB: Laboratory Research Assistant IV

Primary Duties:

Managed large amounts of video data and developed automated data processing, vetting and metadata collection approaches and image analysis techniques. Maintained customized cameras and remote sensing devices, and optics equipment. Oversaw a data mining and visualization projects which included graphic design for scientific publications.


Performed laboratory work including PCR, cell culture, behavioral experiments, data collection and statistics.

2009-2011: University of texas and Lydgate Farm, Kauai, Hawaii: Field Biology Research Assistant

Field biology work, primarily involving specimen collection, field observation, imaging analysis, data collection, processing and management. Organized field expeditions and oversaw junior researchers.


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Gering, E., Etheredge, R.I.. (in prep.) Male mimicry is supported by developmental and spatial color variation in a female-polymorphic damselfly.


Scientific Journals

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Popular Press

Villatoro (2015). El camuflaje de los peces en alta mar. naukas.com, Retrieved from http://francis.naukas.com/2015/11/22/francis-en-rosavientos-el-camuflaje-de-los-peces-en-alta-mar/

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Programming, Development, Data Analysis/Visualization

Python (OpenCV, Scikit, Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, PsychoPy), Matlab, R, SPSS, C++, Shell, Assembly, HTML, CSS, Java Script, RaspberryPi/micro-controllers, Linux/MacOS/Windows

Design, Illustration and Animation

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, In Design, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Blender, GitHub, ImageJ, IGOR,


MS Office Suite, CAD, PCR, cell culture, spectrophotometry, microscopy,


Systems engineering, experiment design, image analysis, data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis, technical and scientific writing, grant writing, editing, graphic design, project and technical management.


Light-field dependent shoaling and swimming behavior in open ocean fish: instrumentation design and construction, field work, 3D reconstruction of natural scenes, 3D data analysis, statistical modeling

Social vs. non-social cognition across mate-choice systems: experimental design, design and construction of automated training and testing apparatuses, managed a large group of volunteers, video analysis, in-house automated tracking, statistical analysis

Skin structure in open ocean camouflage: data collection in open ocean environments, image analysis, data processing, scientific writing, publication

Reflective camouflage and polarization sensitivity in the Costa Rican jewel scarab: field work, polarization optomotor experiment design and analysis

Polarization camouflage in open ocean marine species: field work, video polarimetry, video analysis, data processing, statistical analysis, scientific writing, publication

The role of the NMDAR pathway in female mate choice: dichotomous choice trials, drug administration, animal husbandry, video analysis, PCR, cell culture

Rapid evolution in an invasive damselfly: field work, mark-recapture, behavioral observations, mesocosm experiments

Pilot projects: polarocrypsis in flounder species, polarocrypsis in octopus, polarization sensitivity in poecillid fish


Served as lab manager of a diverse research group (2013-present). Duties included: budgeting, procurement and accounting; ensuring compliance with institutional and governmental guidelines; managing volunteers and employees; coordinating field expeditions and symposia and maintaining laboratory websites, equipment and repositories.


Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting, 2014


GirlAdvocates, 2014-2015. Organized outreach events for hands on lab experiences for 11-14 y.o. girls


Sam Deaton, Abbot; Devin Jackson, NIH; Benjamin Bowley-Bryant, UT; Colin Hickman, National Instruments; Tyler Parsons, Austin Learning Center; Korey Conley, GLG; Anna-Marie Pratas, UT; Capucin Avenas, Univeriste Paris Sud; Khan Mohammad, UT; Chris Montgomery, UT; Rachel Ellard, UT; Ashton Berger, UT; Patricia Phillips, UT; Matthew Armstrong, UT; Hannah Renfrow, UT; Nathan Pham, UT; Malyn Selinidis, Austin High.


Molly Cummings; Parrish Brady; Mary Ramsey; Eben Gering

(Additional references and contact info available on request)